Shaps Benkau

Available for Contract Only!

Providing consultancy and engineering services to companies around the world for over 15 years. Experienced in development processes, engineering and/or hiring. An active contributor to the open source community—with a focus on tooling and automation—I've been featured in publications like @iOSDevWeekly here and here as well as having my work attract the attention of companies like Apple in San Francisco. Other than the skills listed please checkout my Open Source contributions on GitHub.

  • Agile process—user stories, peer review, scrum, sprint planning, estimation, etc
  • Deep understanding of best practices/principles including—KISS, SOLID, etc
  • Proficient with architecture implementations and design—OOP, POP, Viper, etc
  • Advanced user interfaces and animation—Core Animation, UIKit, etc
  • Continuous Integration—Fastlane, Jenkins and other tools
  • High scale, multi-threaded architecture 
  • Interoperability via RESTful web services
  • Profiling via Instruments and 3rd party applications
  • GIT source control and branching—generally git-flow


Senior Engineer (Contract)
Black Swan Ltd, London
Jun 2017 (10 mths) 

Suzy Snooze—Lead (Contract)
We Are Hive, London
Aug 2016 (3 mths) 

First Group Journey Planner—Lead Engineer
The App Business, London
Mar 2016 (3 mths) 

Yubl—Interim CTO (Contract)
Yubl, London
Aug 2016 (4 mths) 

Homebase—Lead Engineer
The App Business, London
Sep 2015 (3 mths) 

Sun Tablet—Lead Engineer
The App Business, London
Jun 2015 (10 mths) 


Download my CV for full history and details.